Noah's Ark

Choosing Other Dates and Times

Dates in grey indicate when Noah’s Ark is closed or advance Noah's Ark tickets are unavailable. FREE Thursday tickets are always first-come, first-served (no advance tickets). Hoping to come today? Same-day tickets are available at the door only (no advance tickets).

Times in grey indicate when advance Noah’s Ark tickets are unavailable.

Ticketing Tips and Guidelines

Skirball Members, sign into your account to redeem FREE Member admission to Noah's Ark. TO VIEW YOUR DISCOUNT you must follow all the prompts until you arrive at the final screen. To begin, click the link at the top of the page and sign in. Next, enter the desired number of tickets. Continue following the prompts until you view your discount(s). The number of FREE tickets you may redeem depends on your membership level.

Sign in for added convenience! Whether or not you are a Skirball Member, create an account and sign in so that the site automatically fills in your personal information during the transaction.

Complete your transaction within fifteen minutes. After that time, the tickets in your cart will be released for sale.

No need to reserve advance Noah's Ark tickets for children under 2. FREE toddler tickets will be distributed at the admissions desk when you claim the rest of your party's advance tickets.

Be sure there is at least one adult per four children. This policy will be enforced at the admissions desk, so be sure to buy/reserve the right mix of tickets for your party. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Adults are 18 and up.